Hello my bookish friends and welcome to my very first blog! I am hoping to use this blog primarily as a platform to do more detailed book reviews since I'm sure no one wants to read a super long bookstagram caption/review.
So I guess for this first post I'll just tell you all a little bit about myself!
I am 26 years old and born on July 8th so I am a Cancer. It makes a lot of sense that I would be a water sign because I love the ocean and all sorts of water sports! I am a certified SCUBA Diver and I have a surfboard that I try to use when I visit Florida (though I'm not very good).
I am a HUGE fan of all things Disney. I love Disney movies and enjoy visiting Walt Disney World with my family and friends whenever I possibly can. If you ever have any sort of Disney questions-I'm your girl! I also love Marvel, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, the Witcher, Game of Thrones and many other different fandoms. Basically I am a nerd and I am very proud of it haha.
I am also (you guessed it!) an avid reader! My mom worked at our local bookstore when my brother and I were growing up so I blame her for my book addiction. I would frequently go with her to work after school or on days off and I would help her out or just sit all day and read. I mostly enjoy reading Fantasy, Young Adult, and Romance books but I am always up for reading something new!
I love to chat and make new friends so please don't hesitate to contact me!


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