Sonya Pope is pragmatic, always rational, and has no time for setbacks, so when she arrives at her elopement to find her fiancé wants to break up rather than get married, she uses the flight home to reprioritize. But when a woman on the plane has a medical emergency, she puts her mental list-making on hold and jumps to action. Unfortunately, so does the cocky, almost-paramedic two rows back.
Ben "Trav" Travis totally got to that patient first, but the cranky nurse with the pretty brown eyes made a big show of taking charge. Sure, he might be one clinical rotation away from actually being a certified paramedic, but he has real-life experience. The kind he wouldn't wish on anyone.
When Trav shows up at the hospital two days later to find the same woman is his preceptor, a second battle begins. Trav's got too much riding on this to let a woman with a chip on her shoulder make his life miserable, and Sonya's not about to let a pretty-boy with an adventure complex disrupt the one area of her life that she still has control over. But when a patient they both grow to care about needs their help, their head vs heart battle sparks into something neither one of them trained for.
My Thoughts!
Rating: 5 Stars
After reading the first two Summer Nights books, I had convinced myself that there would ever be a guy as amazing as Josh or Dylan. And then Lauren wrote the Exception…and introduced us to Trav. I think it’s fair to blame her for my extremely high standards when it comes to men (and I’m fine with that lol)
I was so excited when Lauren announced that she would have more than two books in the Summer Nights series. I devoured the Catch and the Rules, and could not wait to have more books centered on this group of four friends. I adore each of the girls, and have loved reading each of their stories.
Trav and Sonya made such a good team and had great chemistry. Their interactions and banter were cute and snarky (which is my favorite combination).
Sonya is such a fantastic character, and has such drive and ambition. She is the definition of a boss lady and I loved how Trav was able to get her to let down her guard and let loose a little without changing who she really was.
There are no words to describe Trav other than sexy, dreamy, hot paramedic. What more could you ask for?? Oh you also want a guy that is kind and thoughtful? Yeah, that’s Trav. He's basically the perfect man!!!
I definitely recommend reading ALL of the books in the Summer Nights series. You can definitely read any of them as standalone novels, but it is so much better reading them in order! You can't help but fall in love with all of these characters. Do yourself a favor, and buy all of these books. You won't regret it. AND they all look gorgeous together!


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