One prince wants her out. 
Another wants her as a pawn. 
Someone wants her dead. 
Zora wants to win the cup and tell them all to screw themselves. 
Yes, 17-year-old Zora cheated her way into the Royal Games, but it was for a very good reason. Her ex-boyfriend thought she couldn't attain glory on her own. Just because she was a girl. And he was the real cheater. So she took his place. 
Now she's competing for the legendary Blood Cup, representing the Dark Valley. It's her chance to prove her worth and bring glory for her people. If she wins, of course. 
But winning is far from easy. The younger prince thinks she's a fragile damsel who doesn't belong in the competition. Determined to eliminate her at all costs, he's stacking the challenges against her. Zora hates him, hates him, hates him, and will do anything to prove him wrong. 
The older prince is helping her, but the cost is getting Zora entangled in dangerous flirting games. Flirting, the last thing she wanted. 
And then there's someone trying to kill her. 
Disclaimer: Mentions of cheating, and alludes to virginity and sexual relationships. No steamy content.
My Thoughts!
Rating: 3.5 Stars!
The Cup and the Prince follows Zora as she enters a competition held by the royal family. Aside from the physical challenges she faces in the game, she also is tested mentally as she navigates the politics and games at court. And if that wasn't enough, there's also someone who is trying to sabotage and potentially kill her! Along the way she meets the two princes, Griffin and Larzen, as well as their oldest brother, the newly appointed King Kieran. Zora and Griffin maintain a love hate relationship throughout the book as he continuously tries to get her to quit the competition. He does, however, help her outside of the competition so he becomes a sort of tentative ally for her. A very handsome and strong tentative ally.
Although this book started out a little slow for me, once I got a few chapters in it really started to pick up!! I couldn't put it down! There were so many questions and so much mystery that I needed to keep reading and get answers. The end of the book definitely leaves you with a cliffhanger so now I am desperate to get my hands on the second book!!! Although by the end we got some of our questions answered, the ending left us with EVEN MORE questions!
I really enjoyed this book and can't wait for the second one to come out so I can find out what is happening!
Thank you so much to Day Leitao and Favourite Pages for an e-arc in exchange for an honest review!
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